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Start a Revolution with a Revolution

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The Only Tire Changer Made Exclusively to Create More Efficiency in Your Shop

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Keep it interesting for millennials and attract new hires with new technology

It shouldn't take 30 mins to change a 30 series tire. Change tires faster, with less damage with our Revolution Tire Changer


Using our Revolution requires 1 tire technician instead of 3 which increase shop efficiency.


Instant experienced Tire Technicians that can handle even the most difficult tires with 


New junior technicians can be up and running with little or no tire changing experience. Cutting training time down to hours not Months


I would recommend the Revolution™ to any shop regardless of volume. Today’s assemblies are getting more and more complicated. The Revolution™ has helped us change complicated assemblies with speed and efficiency

Bert's Service Athens, IL

We see a lot of run-flats and low profile tires and the Revolution has help us handle these faster while protecting TPMS sensors

Plaza Mercedes-Benz, St Louis MO


When we saw the Hunter Revolution™ tire changer it occurred to us that this machine could become the great equalizer and put all our techs on an equal plane.

Madison Tire Co., Inc Madison, NJ


Stop having your guys play around with tires and let me show you how to make things more efficient.

Start a Revolution with a Revolution

About Maventech Inc

My name is Patrick Luft and Maventech was created to create value and efficiency for Wheel Service Shops. 


I have always been interested in getting an edge through the efficiency of shop equipment. Our equipment is the best in quality and efficiency and this starts with the Hunter Engineering line. 


I remember my Grandmother always saying “I can’t afford to buy cheap because you will end up buying it again and again, spend the money and buy it once.” We are always looking for a faster, quicker better way to complete a task. Look no further than the time savings, efficiency and expert advice you will get from Maventech.

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