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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If these do not answer your questions, feel free to contact us below.

  • What is the best tire changer for my shop?
    This is going to be one of those depends answers.😗 It depends on how many Low Profile tire you are doing and will do in the future Are you damaging rims with the current model? Is the current model big enough for your current rims? What percentage of Run Flats are you currently doing? Are you handing large lifted truck tires? Are you handling skidsteer or 19.5 tires in your shop? Are you having to train numerous technicians? Contact us and we can help you navigate through this easily. Or you can send us a note, contact us through chat or call us to further discuss.
  • What balancer is the best for our shop?
    Depends on the shop and the tires that you are typically seeing as well as the frequency. We are also moving into EV’s that typically have larger and lower profile tires that might also play into your decision on a wheel balancer. In addition, you might want to consider these to find the right balancer. User Interface - Is the system intuitive? An intuitive, easy-to-use interface will increase employee effectiveness. Centering Accuracy - Centering errors are a major cause of customer comebacks. Make sure the wheel balancer you are considering can easily verify a wheel is centered properly. Vibration Diagnostics - A properly balanced wheel doesn't always roll smoothly. A machine that can take the assembly for a test drive will ensure satisfied customers. Instructional Videos - A wheel balancer with included training assistance increases the value of your investment. On-board training videos simplify training and improves overall balance. TPMS Database - TPMS systems are a fact of life when dealing with modern wheels and tires. A resident lookup database will make technicians faster and more efficient. Shaft Durability - Make sure the wheel balancer you are considering has a durable balancer shaft that is designed to last for the life of the machine. Tire Pull Diagnostics - Radial tire pull can be difficult to diagnose. A wheel balancer that can measure it can allow your tech to find a pull problem before your customer does. Reputation - A wheel balancer should last a very long time, be sure to choose one that is built to last. Hunter Engineering has local business consultants that can visit your shop and help you choose the right wheel balancer to fit your needs. Service Support - Make sure the manufacturer supports their products in the field with a team of reliable service representatives.
  • Can I try the Jaltest Diagnostic Scanner before buying it?
    If you want to try the tool before buying it, ask for a demo here. Our sales team will contact you to set up a visit.
  • Can I use Jaltest in my own computer?
    You will need Windows 7 or above More than 20 GB hard drive More than 2GB RAM Intel Processor 3 or higher Bluetooth included
  • Diagnostics program update. How to perform it?
    When a new version is published, Jaltest Diagnostics software informs the user about the new version available. To install it, you must click on the warning that appears at the bottom. Download Manager program will automatically launch and ask for your permission to continue and start downloading all files required. When the download of these files is finished, you will only have to click the update button to install the new version.
  • What should I do if my equipment states that my licence will expire in days?
    Contact Maventech and we can renew it generally within a day or shorter.
  • Where and how should I download the new version?
    The new Jaltest Diagnostics version is available at the private area of the website, in the "Downloads" menu. To access your private area, you must register as a user first, if you have not done it yet. In the same way, if your licence is in force, once the new version is published you will be able to download it directly from Jaltest Diagnostics software.
  • Can I use Jaltest without paying for the annual licence?
    This will depend on the type of licence you purchased, contact Maventech and we can let you know.
  • What is the best alignment system for our shop?
    All of the systems will do an alignment, the question is do you want to spend the bulk of your time not getting paid or performing the alignments. More expensive systems are designed to be extremely quick in getting your measurements so you spend the time on the alignment and not 15 mins getting the system ready for your measurements. Our systems are designed to get your readings in as little as 90 seconds. Schedule a demo and we will show you how.
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