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Quick Check Drive® is driven towards profits

Generate more opportunities and greater profits through autonomous inspection technology.


The eyes of your shop

HawkEye Elite®’s high-resolution cameras see each individual wheel target in a 3D space for the most accurate alignment measurements in the industry.

Take your service to new levels

Hunter’s RX Scissor Alignment Lifts have the best-in-class drive-on and raise heights.


HD Elite Wheel Balancer

The best features of Hunter's Road Force® Elite make servicing heavy-duty bus and truck wheels even easier than before using patented vision system and diagnostic capabilities designed to solve vibration issues. 

Hunter Revolution™ Tire Changer

Fully-automatic capability makes the Revolution the easiest to use and most award-winning tire changer in the industry.


Hunter AutoComp Elite® On-Car Brake Lathe

The AutoComp Elite® brake lathe from Hunter Engineering features a patented Variable-Speed Drive System and Anti-Chatter Technology to service rotors at the fastest possible speed without sacrificing quality by virtually eliminating the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.

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