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The All-In-One Portable Power solution Recharge while you drive or choose to have a solar option as well.Offering up to 6000 watts of continuous AC power with a 12,000-watt surge. 240V models and various outlet configurations are available.Air - Standard models starting at 125 PSI with 3 CFM. Need more air, add multiple CIC pump packs for virtually unlimited air power.


Delivering over 3 times the power of any other CIC Powerbox™ model, the CIC POWERGRiD™ provides over 50 Amps of continuous 115V AC Electric Power with a built-in battery system
that will run for several hours during normal use. With the ability to be mounted vertically or horizontally, it’s perfect for RV’s, Campers, Utility Service Trucks, and Utility Vans, where remote
off-grid power is essential!

    CIC Powerbox - PowerGrid

    Excluding Sales Tax
    • Air Compression
      - 125 PSI max / 90 PSI recycle
      - 3 CFM @ 90 PSI oil-less DC air compression system
      - Universal air coupler
      - High duty cycle with forced air cooling

      Electric Power
      - 115 Volt AC modified sine wave inverter
      - 6,000-watt continuous / 12,000-watt surge
      - 5400 watt hour battery reserve capacity
      - 55 amp multi-stage smart charger for shore power overnight charging
      - 20 amp weather-resistant external 120v AC duplex outlet
      - 3-pin circular 30 amp 240v split phase power outlet
      - 12V DC accessory port - SB50 anderson

      Jump Start
      - 12V DC jump start with up to 2,100 cranking amps
      - Red Anderson®  connector jump start port
      - Working conditions from -40° F up to 140° F
      - One touch host vehicle self jump start feature
      - 1 AWG 12’ jumper cables

      Upgradeable Options
      - 5 gallon 6” diameter slim black metal air tank                                       
      - External retractable air hose reel 25’ / 50’                                 
      - Wired remote switch panel                                                                    
      - Solar panel kit - 400w with smart controller                                        
      - POWERTRAK fleet monitoring system - worldwide

      42” Long X 33” Wide X 8.25” Tall                                                        

       ~ 400 lbs.

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