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Radar-based Turn Assist system for Commercial Vehicles
The ATS100 is a radar-based Turn Assist system for Commercial vehicles that offers a 180-degree Field of View (FOV) coverage and 120 feet (37 meters) warning distance. The system includes an OE-level radar sensor and display unit with an audible warning prompt. Active warnings for both low- and high-speed situations. Includes a 24-month warranty.,- Radar-based turn-assist system for Commercial vehicles
- Active warning with OE-level radar technology
- Active warning in low speed situation, turn assist
- Active warning for vehicle in high speed situation, lane change assist
- Plug and Play installation, requires power supply
- Includes radar sensor and needed installation hardware
- Includes display unit with audible warnings
- 120 feet (37 Meter) Warning distance
- 180 Degree Field of View (FOV) coverage

Autel Turn Assist ATS100

SKU: 849438013158
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