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Tire Changeover Season

We all have seen it, everyone, in a rush to get their tires changed over. If we in the industry know that 75% of the people buy tires from the first person that recommends them. We also know that 78% maintain their vehicles at the place where they purchase tires, why wouldn't we want to make it easier for the customer.

  • Create a booking site that is tied to the DMS so that we don't have to book people in.

  • Create a space dedicated to performing the tire changeover. It can be as simple as space and floor jacks as they prove to be faster and allow a pit type of environment.

  • Contract mobile services to provide some relief.

  • If storing is there an inspection process to check and record the DOT age. If expired is it highlighted to the customer.

  • If re-installing are they re-balanced?

  • Try to avoid customers waiting for the changeover and turning what the customer expects as an appointment to check-in.

  • If phone -in appointments, make them keep them and do the work. So many times I have sent that we book people in and really it is just a place holder. They still end up waiting to get this done.

Let's make it a great experience for our customers.

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