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Car Care Subscriptions

You might have heard of Car based subscriptions where you can for a modest monthly fee get dropped off a BMW, Alfa Romeo or even a Mercedes depending on your mood-of-the-month. This typically has insurance, maintenance and everything else you can think of for fees.

Have you ever thought of using this type of monthly fee in a car care subscription service? This would be tiered to either Bronze, Silver or Gold package with different regularly maintained services. It has an interesting slant on things for not only the car owner but also the increasing your gross profit per transaction. You would essentially be offering safety, security and convenience.

It would be a premium service for highly qualified subscribers providing enormous value. The software would need to be easy to use for the client and be able to easily create and manage the subscription depending on the shop. This could be done on a yearly contract for a month-to-month fee. This would for many shops stabilize the month-to-month rollercoaster ride and enable a shop to better plan for shop investment and upgrade plan for their equipment to enable you to always have the right tool for the right job.

The structure of these could be a flat fee every month, it the customer did not utilize the service for that month it might roll over to the next month and then treat as a health saving account, where you could apply the monies that you did not use to a larger more complicated repair that was outside of the program for ultimate flexibility. Or you could offer a more sophisticated program based on the drivability onboard system.

Something to think about.

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