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MA600LDW3 Expansion Pkg with LDW Targets for Honda, Alpha Romeo, Subaru, Toyota


The Autel MA600LDW3 Expansion Package contains additional Lane Departure Warning (LDW) targets for use with MA600 ADAS Calibration System. Targets included in this package are the Honda LDW3 Target, Toyota One-Time-Recognition LDW Target, the Subaru LDW2 Target, and the Alfa Romeo LDW Target. An Autel MaxiSYS ADAS tablet or a MaxiSYS tablet with ADAS software is required for use with the MA600 Calibration System and these LDW targets. Targets are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.


Autel MA600 Lane Departure Package 3 - MA600LDW3

Excluding Sales Tax
  • "MA600LDW3: MA600 Calibration Package 3
    - Includes the Alfa Romeo LDW Target 
    - Includes the Subaru Target LDW 2
    - Includes Honda LDW 3 Target
    - Includes Toyota One Time Recognition LDW Target
    - Includes 1-Year Warranty
    - Compatible with the Autel MA600 Mobile ADAS Frame"

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