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Adjustable Angle 1-Sensor with Aluminum Screw-in Valve Stem

The Adjustable Angle 1-Sensor is a programmable universal TPMS sensor. It features a combined frequency of 315MHz and 433MHz with aluminum screw-in valve stems. The 1-Sensor is reprogrammable, 99% compatible with OE sensors, and meets SAE standards J1205 and J1206. Replacement valve stems are available for purchase in rubber or metal.

Autel MX-Sensor-1 Adjustable Angle Alu

SKU: 300030
C$39.99 Regular Price
C$24.99Sale Price
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  • Adjustable Angle MX-Sensor 1-Sensor (Aluminum)
    - 15 Degrees of Valve Stem Flexibility Fits a Wider Variety of Vehicles
    - Combined Frequency: 315MHz & 433MHz
    - Programmable with Autel TPMS Service Tools
    - Program to Replace 99% of OE Sensors
    - Meets SAE Standards J1205 & J1206
    - Maximum Signal Strength / Battery Reliability