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Trends and Technology

I have always been interested in new trends that are happening especially on the technology side. Tesla, IoT, and the latest in ADAS technology. We are being shaped by technology and the ways that we use in our everyday lives.

I subscribe to Blinklist and it is a fast way to quickly get some details on various books and one that I just recently checked out was Digital Darwinism. The premise is that if we do not embrace and look at ways to include this in our current lives, business is going to fail. Even more so now that we have the COVID 19 pandemic happening. This could change the way we do business. There might be a lot of businesses fall by the wayside as they refuse to make or even think about changes in the future.

In the Blink, they speak towards holding on to pseudo technology adaptation. An example would be when Sony had the Walkman and Discman and knew that there was digital coming but wanted to hold on to there investment instead of jumping into the future and develop something new. We all know what happened next.

We have been using self-serve checkouts at grocery stores for a while now. Some people are going to feel more comfortable walking up to a Kiosk to select services than interacting with people. Dealerships, Tire Shops, Large repair shops might need to stretch and see how things might be shaping up due to the Pandemic.

GoMoto is a company that is working with self serve kiosks to interact with customers at dealerships and possibly stretching out to other repair shops.

Let's keep and constant watch on what is coming up and keep our eye on the ball to gain some insight so that we won't be another Kodak.

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