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Is COVID causing Lot Rot?

er the course of COVID, you most likely have had a number of vehicles sitting idle and not moving. You have a customer want to take a test drive now that things have started to get back to somewhat normal. But alas! Once you’re on the road the customer looks over and notices that the brakes are shuddering. This could have been avoided by quickly cleaning them up.

Myths - New Vehicles don't get Lot Rot

New cars can spend months or even years parked in large auto storage lots on the other side of the country before making their way to your doorstep and that means the dreaded lot rot can be lurking within the innards of your “new” mechanical beast.

Myths - Machining Rotors is not profitable.

Make it a line item on the Repair Order. You don't have to give it away with parts. Also installing new rotors doesn't mean that you avoid comebacks. If you have stacked tolerance or rust build-up you still will have shudder. Get out the dial indicator and check, or use an on-car lathe to ensure that the hub and rotor match up perfectly.

Myths - Rotors don't need to be measured.

Runout on the hub and new rotor can stack up to be DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) and it is the main cause of DTV. Again, measure them or use a On-Car Lathe such as our AutoComp Elite.

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