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Customer Education and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems)

Tesla has pushed the envelope of Autonomous and self-driving capabilities for everyone. This is been met with resistance from people that do not like change to early adopters that support the change. However, we as consumers have only the basic level of understanding of what the capabilities are with these systems and how they provide safety within our vehicle. We rely on our mechanics, glass shops and dealerships to provide us the expertise for when these require attention.

These systems all work together and provide a vast array of information that the onboard computers use to interpret the current surroundings. If one of these sensors is off, then it can set a cascading effect on the interpreted results.

A simple windshield crack in the location of the Lane Departure Camera can cause issues. A simple windshield replacement with a Lane Departure Camera can cause issues.

When we get our glass changed, we should be asking about how the system is going to be calibrated and by whom and what qualifications do they have to perform these?

When we get our car aligned, we need to ask how it is going to impact the Safety Systems on-board?

People don't like change I always hear, however change is a good thing if it means lives saved. We need to educate ourselves whether that be consumers, dealerships, independent shops or glass shops to do the right thing.

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