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Covid 19 for Dealers, Tire Shops, and Independent Shops - Now What?

What can we control in this new market?

Customer experience

  • Every customer that comes into the shop we control how they are going to perceive and experience our shop. Are we greeting them instead of waiting for them to find their way to us. Are we collecting friends or pushing them away. We have control of this. Let's make it a good experience.

Database Mining

  • We can determine when the customers are due for service and schedule them.

  • We can check the history of when they were last in and then offer to perform the next step. Service Pick-up.

Service Pickup

  • Offer to pick up and drop off the customers car for service. Use the courtesy drivers, use the loaner cars that you have , use UBER it works in Winnipeg now.

Yes we have been talking about this for sometime, now we can spend the time to create value for our customers. If we were too busy before, now we can put in place the process to ensure that we are always completing this after the crisis is over.

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