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Hunter HawkEye Elite
Hunter HawkEye Elite - Rolling Compensation
Hunter Engineering  - HD WinAlign

Heavy-Duty Four-Post Truck Lift
High-capacity alignment lift for commercial vehicles Hunter’s Heavy-Duty Four-Post semi and truck lift features a 35,000-lb. lifting capacity and 300-in. alignment wheelbase capability. The galvanized runways offer the best in corrosion protection for your investment.

The lift comes alignment ready with turnplate pockets and slipplates for servicing standard vehicles. It can be equipped with optional Powerslide® and FIA turnplates and slipplates saving time by eliminating trips around the truck when locking and unlocking plates. The aligner can be connected to control all lock and unlock functions automatically.

Optional 20,000lb jacks and LED AlignLights can be added to make service easier and safer.

Features at-a-glance
- Galvanized runways
- PowerSlide-capable turnplates and slipplates
- Powerful 20,000-lb. jacks (optional)
- LED lighting (optional)
Specifications at-a-glance
- 35,000 lbs. Capacity
30 in. Runway width, 300 in. Alignment wheelbase, 320 in. Service wheelbase

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